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Filos dekreuFilos is a big, strong and impressive dog with a balanced physique, good angles, very muscular, strong and straight boned, very good coat. His genetic background is very interesting with Elgos, Debber, Nelton, G’bibber and Du Boscaille lines behind him.
Filos is a social dog without being too obsequious and officious. Very charming with people he likes, neutral towards people he does not know. He is socially a very confident and dominant dog, very determined and with a clear head.

Filos is a very nice dog to work with, with extreme reflexes, explosive.
Very good ability to sort even in stressful situations, never gets stressed out. He also has an agility that surprise. He has a great play drive and prey drive. He has a desire to work that never ends, is easy to train has a good will to please.
In the protection work, he is big, heavy and explosive. He has well-functioning aggressions to use if necessary.  Switches nicely between prey and defense. He has a outstanding bite, full, quiet and very hard. He has a natural “push bite”.
He is good with the nose in both track and search. Workes with high intensity and endurance without getting |”hectic” or sloppy.
Filos is a very healthy dog. Hips, knees, elbows and back are x-rayed with excellent results. DNA tested and he has a great immune system.