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Welcome to my website.
I'm Johnny Eenkhoorn and I live in Schuttorf, a small town in Germany.
Besides my job as a policeman, I have a hobby, the training of police dogs in KNPV.
Since 2004 I have been active in the dogsport.
Filos is my first pedigree Malinois and was trained by me in the KNPV PH1 for the department. Through a lengthy in jury, which had risen just before the exam, for me it was no longer possible to Filos with the thread to resume.
Since I believe that all Filos properties has a good stud dog must have, I have therefore decided to Filos to use as a stud.
Filos has done several covers, and his offspring are easy to see in the dog.
Right now I train with my second dog Amar, a pedigree Malinois, our association HDV Glanerbrug for training PH1.